Travel and Parking

Diocesan-sponsored transportation is available. Follow the instructions below, based on which diocese you belong to (either contact the designated person or use the diocesan sign-up page):

If you’d like to drive on your own, you may park at your own expense at the RiverCentre OR you may park for free at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, which is a short walk from both the RiverCentre and the State Capitol.


PLEASE NOTE: We are providing buses between the RiverCentre and the Capitol in the middle of the day. At 4:00pm, when everything is completed at the Capitol, buses will pick people up from the Capitol, in the same general area they were dropped off (along Martin Luther King Blvd., south and east of the Capitol). All buses will be marked with signs in their windows noting the location to which they are returning.

You will either:

  1. Board your diocesan bus and head back to your diocese directly from the Capitol
  2. Board your park-and-ride bus (Archdiocesan buses) and head back to your park-and-ride location directly from the Capitol
  3. Board a bus headed back to the RiverCentre (if you parked your car at the RiverCentre)
  4. Archdiocesan attendees: if you park at the Cathedral and walk down to the RiverCentre in the morning, you are welcome to walk directly back to the Cathedral from the Capitol in the afternoon